Google PR Downgrade for Unnatural Outbound Links

Many webmasters received their respective notifications from Google about unnatural links these past few days. For those who are really into selling links for rank juice, this notice is just a thing waiting to happen. But for those who are genuinely bewildered of receiving such notice, it could be a long period of “witch-hunting” for those suspect links especially for those sites with thousands of posts to wade through.

What Google Says

The notification has sent a message to concerned webmasters about detecting unnatural outbound links which presents a presumption of selling links or participating in link schemes. It goes on to say that because of such concern with a site, Google has applied manual spam action on the site, in part or in whole. The manual action will only be revoked once the site is determined to be no longer in violation of Google guidelines, after request for consideration is received.

There are several recommended actions given to concerned webmasters. These include converting paid links to no-follow or removing possible problematic links from the site. Problematic links would likely refer to links that may give an impression of being spammy or the tendency to manipulate PageRank.

Varying Reactions

Some people are in the opinion that Google is passing on their job of detecting spammy links to webmasters especially since the “offending” links have not been identified. Other see the move as an unjustified sweeping action for sites which may be in one way or another connected to content marketing platforms like PostJoint and MyBlogGuest. Both are known guest blogging networks.

There are even those who doubt if PageRank  will be restored even after doing the recommended actions. Some are guessing a 6-month effect or so on the affected sites. Many have just about given up on PageRank.

What to Do After the PR Downgrade

For sites whose rank was downgraded or was given a notification from Google, what is there left to do? Webmasters can still look at this in a positive light by taking the opportunity to go through their sites and giving special attention to the quality of their links. However, it would be wise to continue writing quality content whatever the case may be.

If you are a webmaster who is into this for the long haul, setbacks such as PR downgrade are accepted and worked on. Even if it is a fact that a nod from Google can do wonders for a site, the absence of such should not necessarily spell the end. There is always the audience to write for.

The End of Guest Blogging

Google or more specifically Matt Cutts of Google’s Webspam Team, recently delivered a seemingly fatal blow to guest blogging by announcing to one and all to ” Stick a fork on it, guest blogging is done”. His message is directed to those who are using guest blogging as a way to gain links. It would appear that guest blogging has become a spammy practice frowned upon by search engines and those who wish to find the best search results online.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is actually a simple arrangement where a writer gets his or her article published in a site or blog that belongs to another person. The main aim here is to serve the dual purpose of providing the site owner with relevant information to offer readers while providing a link to the author’s own site. The link is intended to lead readers to further information coming form the same author if and when desired.

What is Spammy Guest Blogging?

There is nothing wrong with guest blogging per se. What is sought to be prevented is the spammy form of guest blogging which is largely related to artificial link building or SEO purposes. The contents offered by guest bloggers should be of real value and not merely words riddled with links pointing to their site.

Is Putting Links Bad?

It can be, but it isn’t bad at all especially if it will offer additional value to the searcher. Putting relevant links makes it a lot easier for readers to complete their search. It is something which can be appreciated if the pointed site provide more than ads and offers to sell. Information or the absence of it differentiates between legitimate and spammy sites.

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

In spite of such pronouncement from Cutts, guest blogging is far from dead. It still serves an important purpose and that is to spread relevant information. Relying on one’s own site to do this is extremely limiting.

What to Do?

If you are the site owner, accept only guest posts that are relevant to your site and offers real value in terms of information. Although providing a link within the post is a very important factor for most guest bloggers, it is not always necessary. Site owners can decide whether he is willing to take the risk of being being branded by Google as a site with possible spammy links. It might be a good idea to accept guest posts from people you can vouch for. Never the less, Google will not always be right so it is best to pursue best practices and likewise hope for the best in the next PageRank update.

The Unexpected Google PageRank Update for 2013

I read somewhere that what web developers and owners should be paying close attention not to what Google is saying but rather on what it is not saying. When Matt Cutts announced that no more PageRank update is expected to happen for the rest of the year,not a few knew in their guts that there will be one. And so December 2013 started with either a bang or a bomb for websites and blogs, depending on whether their efforts were rewarded or punished by the PageRank update.


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The Google Toolbar PageRank Update

After more than 10 months of seeming inactivity in the Toolbar PageRank, Google finally came out with its long-awaited update before the year ended. This should lay to rest the speculations that PageRank is about to fade into oblivion. This latest movement in that all-important gray bar caused quite a stir in the online world.

How Efficient was the Latest Update?

Like in all previous updates, the main goal in coming up with the PageRank update is to provide a reliable indicator of website quality. The reason why a high PageRank is such a big concern among web developers and owners is the fact that it is used by many to determine the reliability of a site. Of course, this is not a foolproof indicator but apparently, it is the closest one we can hope to get at this time that is readily visible.

While the latest update seems to have made some headway in decreasing the clout of spammy sites, link farming sites, and all the other sites that deserve to get a downgrade, many sites that are otherwise considered quality sites became casualties as well in the process. Not a few have been left reeling from the unexpected downgrade, not really knowing what to make of the algorithmic factors used in determining PageRank. Only Google can fully understand its basis and reasons and website owners will just have to keep on trying to find the right solution.

After the PageRank, What Now?

For websites that got a favorable PageRank update, the task at hand is determine what worked and improve on it. Those who did not fair as well should also be looking into their sites for the possible “culprits” and work on it. After checking what needs to be checked, there is actually nothing left to do but to continue on producing quality content and acquiring legitimate quality links.

A high PageRank is desirable but it should not be the be-all and end-all of maintaining sites.

PageRank Takes the Backseat for Now

With the news that Google does not intend to have any more PageRank updates for the rest of the year, website owners should be concentrating more on maintaining the quality of their sites. Instead of focusing too much on the update delay, it would be better to be looking into the fitness of the site so that it would be ready to face the unpredictable algorithms involved in ranking, if and when it comes. Let the PageRank issue take the backseat for now and start working on improving websites.


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So what should website owners and designers be worrying about at this time?


No matter how some people say that they can make their sites rank high even without quality content, nothing can really ever underestimate the value of quality content. Online searchers are looking for answers not highly optimized words and posts. In fact too much optimization tend to be misleading, promising something which may not be found in the totality of the post, whichever way you look at it.

Sometimes, it may be time to target a niche especially if it has already been identified. A general blog may have worked for some time but readers may be manifesting more interest on one category over the others. Website developers should always be looking out for clues that will help them zero in on what readers really want.

External Links

Another thing that will always affect a site no matter what is the quality of external links. Let’s face it. Linking to a dubious site or even a legitimate site which clearly has no relevance in the post in which it is found shouts paid linking. Why else would such an irrelevant link be found there anyway if not because someone paid for it to be there?

Promoting another site in a post is not all bad but it needs to be of real value to readers. Value is represented by the relevance of the links to the topic since no reader will say no to additional information. Relevant links in fact make it easier for readers to complete their search.

Design and Layout

At a certain point in time, websites will benefit from updating design and layout. It provides sites a fresher look and hopefully a better user experience. A genuine overall assessment of the site will determine just how much modification should be done.



Hosting Events to Watch Out For

The web hosting industry has grown in leaps and bounds from the time it was started. It has become necessary for active players and participants to be updated in new developments. One of the most effective ways of making this happen is through web hosting events.

IABC Houston Luncheon - Managing Events with Gina Rotolo


What to Expect from a Web Hosting Event

A web hosting event is a gathering of web hosting and related services providers as well as other active participants in the industry. The primary aim is to unite experts in the field for the purpose of exchange of information and business opportunities. An event like this combines the features of a trade fair, conference, and a social activity.

Coming Events

One of the more awaited events with regards to web hosting is that which is provided by WorldHostingDays. The next main event will take place in Germany in April 2014.. There are however several other similar events scheduled to happen in different parts of the world for this year. Another similar event will also take place in India in the Summer of 2014.

These events will take place in Australia- August 2013, Sao Paulo -September 2013, Singapore- September 2013, China- September 2013, and Dubai- December 3012. There will also be simultaneous events happening in 8 European countries in November 2013. These will be happening in Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Warsaw, Cologne, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Istanbul.

What the Event Offers to Participants

Joining the event allows participants to conduct a hosting session or a speed session. It also provides marketing opportunities aside from the way of company presentation through booths. Meeting rooms are available beside the booths for any business talk or transaction.

Desired meetings with major players in the market can be arranged as well during the event. These meeting will be facilitated by the organizers. Partnerships can also be arranged to obtain maximized visibility and prestige.

The Advantages of Joining Events

The highly professional set-up of events like this opens up opportunities to industry players which is not usually available to them. With attendees coming from at least 54 countries, maximized exposure is made possible thereby providing excellent business opportunities. social activities allow participants to form networks useful to them.

Aside from providing a venue to share experiences and thoughts, solutions to existing problems can be discussed. Of course , critical hosting topics will always be part of such events. Events provide learning, marketing, and networking opportunities.




The Large Orange Network – Working Together for Unified Web Hosting

Large Orange

The Large Orange Network joins the strengths of several entities to work together to provide unified web hosting services.  These entities are made up of prominent online communities, websites, and communities. There are 24 big names that comprise this world-class network.

The Big 24

1. – prides itself as being an expert in only one thing – web hosting

2. – feature-rich, low-cost web hosting for small and medium-sized businesses

3. – specializes in web hosting and related technical services to help establish world-class presence

4. –  provides multiple IP hosting and spreads hosting and marketing effort across multiple C class IPs across multiple geographic locations

5. – offers professional, affordable, secure, and high performance ad-free hosting service

6. – offers Gimmick-free hosting that comes with technical support and seamless user experience

7. – a Tweet-tracking website that allow site visitors to find,track, and follow favorite personalities and organizations in Twitter

8. – for creating leagues or groups while in competition with others in getting the most followers

9. – helps remove site malware and fix backdoors to prevent another hacker’s attack

10. – provides a quick and easy way to check pagerank including fake and valid pagerank statistics

11. – free photo blogging service that allows for easy upload and publication of photos in a blog format.

12. – faciltates building of interactive video blog.

13. – flashed-based tool that allows for the addition of vertical scrolling of news, event, announcements, and the like

14. – the feeds-in-one-page-website

15. – allows websites to offer blog hosting services using the PHP-based software called bloghoster

16. – an RSS feed directory that features an RSS reader and aggregator

17. – allows for the creation of podcasts

18. – community dedicated to all aspects of web hosting

19. – notifies all major blog directories about the latest blogs to improve popularity of sites

20. – service that keeps track of spam blogs

21. – offers professional and cost-effective logo design service

22. – for accessing website through mobile phones

23. – provides reliable hosting service with technology and expertise needed for stable hosting platforms

24. – offers hosting service with special emphasis on customer care

The entities mentioned above offer web hosting and related services to form a network that works to provide sites their desired popularity. It offers the advantage of combined strengths of the Big 24 .  Sites cannot be in  better hands.

From the time of founding the network in 1996, Large Orange has been manned by experts and professionals. They are able to provide answers to nagging questions in the minds of clients. Large Orange Network specializes in web hosting for all types of users and all types of niche.

Where are Current Web Hosting Trends Leading to?


So many things have changed since web hosting service was first introduced.  Along with the changing needs of end users, web hosting service has evolved over time and made more responsive to the needs of website owners.  A website needs to understand what it needs exactly and take its cue from the various current trends that have emerged.

Cloud Hosting

images (13)Cloud hosting is one of the hottest trends in web hosting services.  Its popularity stems from the many advantages it offers over shared hosting services and even over dedicated hosting service.  The cloud-based hosting environment offers a decentralized computer network where the resources for maintaining a website are spread across several web servers.

The term “cloud” comes from a cluster of servers that are working together to provide the service.  Each server performs a specific set of tasks although the failure of one to perform is swiftly addressed by the rest which are still working.  In order to be correctly categorized as a cloud server, high quality performance is a must.  Anything less is not considered cloud-quality performance.

Where Cloud Hosting is Leading to

Cloud hosting and computing is expected to bring users towards efficient management of huge quantity of data.  The overall level of security is expected to further increase as cloud storage enables prevention of unauthorized access.  It is also expected to increase applicability for use in mobile devices which will help organizations manage their resources better.

Many companies however have not made the move to transfer to cloud hosting because of cost considerations.  This is especially true for small businesses.  However, this is expected to be addressed soon as cost show a decreasing trend.

Eco Friendly Web Hosting

images (16)

Like in any other aspects of daily life, there is also a trend towards adopting Eco-friendly web hosting services.  This simply means that a web hosting service only makes use of infrastructure that is in keeping with green technology and living. This will primarily focus on the reduction of energy costs while providing and availing of the service.

This trend relies on the availability of renewable energy that can sustain the facilities required to provide efficient web hosting service.  Optimum energy efficiency is achieved through reduced cost of powering the server without sacrificing performance. A genuine eco-friendly web hosting service is expected to lead to substantial savings on the part of the client and preservation of resources on the part of the service provider.

Content Management Systems Hosting

images (17)

Several content management system providers such as WordPress and Drupal have been making it easy for most site owners to open and maintain their sites. Specific web hosting services fit particular types of sites. This web hosting option has been in existence for quite some time although most go through modification to remain competitive.

The continuous evolutionary capability of most hosting providers in this option is expected to lead to greater ease in opening and maintaining sites.  This is expected to benefit novice and experts alike.  It is quite clear that current web hosting trends can lead website owners to greater clarity of purpose and faster achievement of goals.