Crash-Proofing a Website

What exactly happens when a website crashes? Readers will encounter errors or see websites seemingly in a frozen state, unmoving and unresponsive to the needs of the online visitor. A website crash is considered very costly in the part of business in terms of lost opportunities especially for those that purely rely on online transactions.


Reliable Hosting

Reliable hosting service is the first requirement for any website that seeks to be accessible most of the time. All-time accessibility may be too unrealistic since there are bound to be some technical problems encountered once in a while. It is an all-together different thing though if downtime happens too often and in extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, there is still no such thing as an absolutely foolproof hosting system since there still some physical factors that can affect its operation. Data centers can still be at the mercy of power outages and natural disasters. No hosting provider therefore can provide 100% up time.

Reliable Back-up

Having a reliable back-up system is necessary. It can be the one saving factor when unexpected systems hits are encountered. The preparation for business always include a back-up plan.

Back-ups through USBs and other storing devices may not be enough at this time. The cloud storage option may be a more practical choice because of the tremendous amount of data involved in business operation. It makes use of an encryption system that protects the stored information. Besides, storing devices are prone to loss which will render the back-up useless.

Company Monitoring

Even with a back-up plan in place, companies need to be conscientious enough to maintain a control system within. The control system is meant to be another form of back-up. In worst case scenarios, all kinds of back-up will prove useful.

To protect a website from the threats of crashing, it would be wise to choose a system that back-ups the company data as they come. This makes it possible to save only those that have not been previously saved. Every new information accumulated  gets added to the existing record making all subsequent additions much easier to handle.


It would be wise to have access to a restoring option when problems do strike. Businesses can never be too sure. The faster it is to resume online visibility and accessibility, the better it is for the business.

Is it possible to crash-proof a site? Maybe not but it is possible for companies to protect themselves from the effects of a crash. The key is preparation.



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