Hosting Events to Watch Out For

The web hosting industry has grown in leaps and bounds from the time it was started. It has become necessary for active players and participants to be updated in new developments. One of the most effective ways of making this happen is through web hosting events.

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What to Expect from a Web Hosting Event

A web hosting event is a gathering of web hosting and related services providers as well as other active participants in the industry. The primary aim is to unite experts in the field for the purpose of exchange of information and business opportunities. An event like this combines the features of a trade fair, conference, and a social activity.

Coming Events

One of the more awaited events with regards to web hosting is that which is provided by WorldHostingDays. The next main event will take place in Germany in April 2014.. There are however several other similar events scheduled to happen in different parts of the world for this year. Another similar event will also take place in India in the Summer of 2014.

These events will take place in Australia- August 2013, Sao Paulo -September 2013, Singapore- September 2013, China- September 2013, and Dubai- December 3012. There will also be simultaneous events happening in 8 European countries in November 2013. These will be happening in Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Warsaw, Cologne, Copenhagen, Madrid, and Istanbul.

What the Event Offers to Participants

Joining the event allows participants to conduct a hosting session or a speed session. It also provides marketing opportunities aside from the way of company presentation through booths. Meeting rooms are available beside the booths for any business talk or transaction.

Desired meetings with major players in the market can be arranged as well during the event. These meeting will be facilitated by the organizers. Partnerships can also be arranged to obtain maximized visibility and prestige.

The Advantages of Joining Events

The highly professional set-up of events like this opens up opportunities to industry players which is not usually available to them. With attendees coming from at least 54 countries, maximized exposure is made possible thereby providing excellent business opportunities. social activities allow participants to form networks useful to them.

Aside from providing a venue to share experiences and thoughts, solutions to existing problems can be discussed. Of course , critical hosting topics will always be part of such events. Events provide learning, marketing, and networking opportunities.




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