PageRank Takes the Backseat for Now

With the news that Google does not intend to have any more PageRank updates for the rest of the year, website owners should be concentrating more on maintaining the quality of their sites. Instead of focusing too much on the update delay, it would be better to be looking into the fitness of the site so that it would be ready to face the unpredictable algorithms involved in ranking, if and when it comes. Let the PageRank issue take the backseat for now and start working on improving websites.


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So what should website owners and designers be worrying about at this time?


No matter how some people say that they can make their sites rank high even without quality content, nothing can really ever underestimate the value of quality content. Online searchers are looking for answers not highly optimized words and posts. In fact too much optimization tend to be misleading, promising something which may not be found in the totality of the post, whichever way you look at it.

Sometimes, it may be time to target a niche especially if it has already been identified. A general blog may have worked for some time but readers may be manifesting more interest on one category over the others. Website developers should always be looking out for clues that will help them zero in on what readers really want.

External Links

Another thing that will always affect a site no matter what is the quality of external links. Let’s face it. Linking to a dubious site or even a legitimate site which clearly has no relevance in the post in which it is found shouts paid linking. Why else would such an irrelevant link be found there anyway if not because someone paid for it to be there?

Promoting another site in a post is not all bad but it needs to be of real value to readers. Value is represented by the relevance of the links to the topic since no reader will say no to additional information. Relevant links in fact make it easier for readers to complete their search.

Design and Layout

At a certain point in time, websites will benefit from updating design and layout. It provides sites a fresher look and hopefully a better user experience. A genuine overall assessment of the site will determine just how much modification should be done.



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