The End of Guest Blogging

Google or more specifically¬†Matt Cutts of Google’s Webspam Team, recently delivered a seemingly fatal blow to guest blogging by announcing to one and all to ” Stick a fork on it, guest blogging is done”. His message is directed to those who are using guest blogging as a way to gain links. It would appear that guest blogging has become a spammy practice frowned upon by search engines and those who wish to find the best search results online.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest Blogging is actually a simple arrangement where a writer gets his or her article published in a site or blog that belongs to another person. The main aim here is to serve the dual purpose of providing the site owner with relevant information to offer readers while providing a link to the author’s own site. The link is intended to lead readers to further information coming form the same author if and when desired.

What is Spammy Guest Blogging?

There is nothing wrong with guest blogging per se. What is sought to be prevented is the spammy form of guest blogging which is largely related to artificial link building or SEO purposes. The contents offered by guest bloggers should be of real value and not merely words riddled with links pointing to their site.

Is Putting Links Bad?

It can be, but it isn’t bad at all especially if it will offer additional value to the searcher. Putting relevant links makes it a lot easier for readers to complete their search. It is something which can be appreciated if the pointed site provide more than ads and offers to sell. Information or the absence of it differentiates between legitimate and spammy sites.

Is Guest Blogging Dead?

In spite of such pronouncement from Cutts, guest blogging is far from dead. It still serves an important purpose and that is to spread relevant information. Relying on one’s own site to do this is extremely limiting.

What to Do?

If you are the site owner, accept only guest posts that are relevant to your site and offers real value in terms of information. Although providing a link within the post is a very important factor for most guest bloggers, it is not always necessary. Site owners can decide whether he is willing to take the risk of being being branded by Google as a site with possible spammy links. It might be a good idea to accept guest posts from people you can vouch for. Never the less, Google will not always be right so it is best to pursue best practices and likewise hope for the best in the next PageRank update.

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