The Unexpected Google PageRank Update for 2013

I read somewhere that what web developers and owners should be paying close attention not to what Google is saying but rather on what it is not saying. When Matt Cutts announced that no more PageRank update is expected to happen for the rest of the year,not a few knew in their guts that there will be one. And so December 2013 started with either a bang or a bomb for websites and blogs, depending on whether their efforts were rewarded or punished by the PageRank update.


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The Google Toolbar PageRank Update

After more than 10 months of seeming inactivity in the Toolbar PageRank, Google finally came out with its long-awaited update before the year ended. This should lay to rest the speculations that PageRank is about to fade into oblivion. This latest movement in that all-important gray bar caused quite a stir in the online world.

How Efficient was the Latest Update?

Like in all previous updates, the main goal in coming up with the PageRank update is to provide a reliable indicator of website quality. The reason why a high PageRank is such a big concern among web developers and owners is the fact that it is used by many to determine the reliability of a site. Of course, this is not a foolproof indicator but apparently, it is the closest one we can hope to get at this time that is readily visible.

While the latest update seems to have made some headway in decreasing the clout of spammy sites, link farming sites, and all the other sites that deserve to get a downgrade, many sites that are otherwise considered quality sites became casualties as well in the process. Not a few have been left reeling from the unexpected downgrade, not really knowing what to make of the algorithmic factors used in determining PageRank. Only Google can fully understand its basis and reasons and website owners will just have to keep on trying to find the right solution.

After the PageRank, What Now?

For websites that got a favorable PageRank update, the task at hand is determine what worked and improve on it. Those who did not fair as well should also be looking into their sites for the possible “culprits” and work on it. After checking what needs to be checked, there is actually nothing left to do but to continue on producing quality content and acquiring legitimate quality links.

A high PageRank is desirable but it should not be the be-all and end-all of maintaining sites.

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