Where is Google+ at this Point?

By now, we’ve probably heard just about everything about the success or failure of Google+, depending on who is looking. It was supposed to be that social site that will dislodge Facebook in the popularity ranking to some. For its maker however, Google+ was supposed to be more than a social media platform, aiming as it did to streamline the experience of people using Google products and services. Google calls it a social layer intended to enhance its existing offerings.

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What is Google+ About?

For those who are not aware of what Google+ is about up to this time, it is essentially a social networking site (yes, it is) and an identity service at the same time being an authorship tool that connects web content to its rightful owner. When done right, it can actually improve online visibility, protect content ownership, and make online connections more effective. For some time, most people would have observed those author name and photo appearing on search results as well. This has been discontinued sometime in August 2014.

One of the major components of Google+ is the Google Circles. It provided a way for people to connect in a fairly organized manner. Members of Circles can choose to share specific content to each and every Circle they are in. The Google+ button became a common sight in many websites, enabling easy sharing jut like in Facebook, Twitter, and all the other popular social networking sites today.This set-up encouraged users to go for relevance when sharing in  the hope that doing so would encourage spontaneous interaction between  and among members. It is not uncommon therefore for Circle moderators to “kick out” members who are merely using the platform to flood the group with unrelated and self-serving articles.

What the Industry Players are Saying

Depending on who is doing the talking, we can hear varying conclusions as to whether Google+ failed or succeeded in its purpose. As to the supposed goal of easing out Facebook from its top ranking as a social networking site, this has not been attained. It went only as high as being the fifth after Facebook.

With regards to its use and continued existence however, Google says that it is definitely not going away just yet. It has by far managed to integrate itself to various Google functions that completely discontinuing it seem unthinkable at this point. It is highly possible though that it will evolve in the coming months to the point of removing the emphasis on the Google+ brand itself but it is not quite dead yet as many are wont to believe.


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